Christine seen sippin' on her favorite go-to cocktail, a Negroni. 


Christine Tarpey began her career in hospitality at the young age of 15. A Florida native, Tarpey decided to take her love for beverage on the road, and fine tune her skills in the big city lights such as Las Vegas and Dallas. During her travels, she worked under many Master Sommeliers, celebrity chefs, and other beverage professionals, propelling her into a life full of beverage exploration! She soon realized that her passion for learning about trends in the bar world would become an interest to her in many facets, and would soon open the gate to a world full of innovation and collaboration. 

After acting as Beverage Director at a boutique resort for almost a decade, Tarpey recognized there was a huge need for more animation and TLC in the local beverage world as well as the need to exceed the expectations of their guests, she soon responded with solutions and saw her influence begin to impact the community in many ways. Whether it be introducing guests to up and coming crafted wine and spirits, creating a unique and polished approach to service standards, or thinking outside the box with her cocktail creations, she is at the fore front of delivering fully engaging and conceptual experiences for guests and friends alike. When it comes to telling the beverage story from behind the bar, there is no shortage in a custom experience or “themed” influence (this girl loves any excuse to be dressed in character!). 

By mixing together her passion for beverage and decor, along with her business partner’s expertise in events and deep seeded relationships with local businesses, these two have become the perfect pair!  This dynamic duo should be on your radar as your “go-to girls” when it comes to curating events bars, seminars, bar consulting , and so on. Tarpey will always see Better Together Beverage as “a chance to challenge the standard and raise the expectations of the local beverage scene.” But she will ask one thing of you, always save her a glass of bubbles and flash her your best smile!


 (soon to be SINNOTT-CAMERON) 

This Florida Native was born to cultivate events. From an early age she was fascinated with the thrill of dinner parties, sleepovers, birthday celebrations, weddings, and well, she’s from the south, so Fish Fry’s too. From the first time she remembers her Lil’ Grandma asking her to Host Sunday Dinner by setting the table and decorating with flowers picked from her garden, she was hooked! The thrill and passion for getting dolled up, decorating, and entertaining has given her the ultimate complimentary nickname, “Martha”. 

She followed her instincts through college and landed at Florida State University, where she hustled for a Bachelor’s Degree in Profession Communication, a minor in Psychology (this one turns out to be quite useful in the event industry), and Master’s Degree in Corporate and Public Communication. All were tirelessly achieved while working on her career. 

Focusing in luxury resort communities in Florida, her aspirations led her to engaging opportunities as an Award-Winning Event and Wedding Planner, Hospitality Consultant, Etiquette Instructor, Public Speaker, Bartender Enthusiast, Wine Connoisseur (not sure that one qualifies, but certainly a career outcome!), as well as Non-Profit Events contributor.

She wants each event to tell the client’s story; generating the guests emotions, encouraging the world to slow down so they can smell the roses, choosing what will dazzle their eyes and ears, and everyone’s favorite, creating that dance on their taste buds! These inspiring results come from years of collaboration delivering the event experience, along with that little sparkle from the client’s eye.

It is no surprise that you find Elizabeth here today, supporting that little tick she can’t shake and bringing southern sass to Better Together. Partnering with Christine is a glorious combination of ginger-love mixed with genuine respect for her ability to turn libations into experiences. So, stay awhile as they invite you to explore their medium, and devour the pages with inspiration and perhaps exploration. 


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